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Another random post, followed by three months of silence...

The dreadful exam period is finally over, and I'm happy to report I nailed most of my tests. 10 exams, and I only need to retake one of them! Respect.
The only exam I really cared about was Neuroanatomy--- it's probably the only class I really love, and so I desperately wanted to get a good mark. The exam was unreasonably tough, we all came out of it feeling like we failed miserably, so when I saw that "99" I think I died a little. I mean, that was a difficult test. The professor took half of the questions out of medical school exams- neurology, surgery, anatomy, you name it... And to get 99 (out of 100) on an exam that difficult, well, at that point I was like "that's it. I don't even care what the rest of my grades are like." After the exam we arranged for a meeting with the professor where he went over the correct answers (yes, I'm THAT geeky- I wanted to know where my one mistake was...) he said that since the test was so difficult, as far as he's concerned, anyone who got more than 80 could get his letter of recommendation to any faculty, any institute we wanted. I might take him up on that.
So bottom line, I had a very good semester school-wise. Biology grade average 85, psychology 93. It's not GREAT marks (not enough for the medical program I'm still hoping to get into) but I'm proud of myself for managing to do this well with all the stress I've been under. My new goal is just to get through this degree with reasonable marks, and then see what happens... Maybe some miracle will happen and I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Or else... meh.

Work has been really tiring this last month. I've given almost 4 shifts a week every week, and because of Passover the hotel is packed and the guests are loud and obnoxious and they eat so much... I come home so tired after my shifts I have zero time and desire to study, but unfortunately I have to--- lots of projects this semester, lots of articles to read and things to do.

Which is why today, since I have a free day from work AND it's the last day of Passover break (break, haha, what break?) I am doing absolutely NOTHING productive. I'm watching Friends, reading "The Shining" and feeling slightly guilty that I'm not studying.

Aaaah yes, I've got a slight cold and I've discovered it makes me sound friggin' awesome, so I made a little video. This is me attempting to sing "I Gave You All" by Mumford And Sons, because it's a great song and it works well with my new raspy voice. ;)
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Only two more...

Exam status update: seven down, two to go.
I'm actually doing great, considering the crazy schedule- So far I totally nailed Neuroanatomy (99 and 93 in the written and lab exams), Neurobiology (90) and MRI (91 and I can die happy).
The rest of 'em- probably not so good, but I'll wait to find out. I always assume I did horribly just to find out I did okay... so... yeah.

Now biochemistry. Oh, how much I hate biochemistry.
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Exams still suck

This just in: exams are still a pain in the rear end.
Also, I hate my teeth. (starting a whole treatment program, and getting two root canals the day before an exam is proving to be a bad idea).

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Semester's over... time to start failing exams. ^_^

A month of exams is totally not cool. Once again I don't even get a break between the two semesters. Not to mention it's an entire month when I can't work at all, since I have an exam every two days on average, so I REALLY need the time to study. Ten exams, and none of them are easy.

First one coming up in two days, so the stress is only beginning.
Actually the first one is my favorite course- Neuroanatomy. it's probably the most awesome class of my entire degree. It's aaaaaaaall about brain... the anatomical, physiological, medical aspects of brain. We study with a group of medical students, and we actually attend dissections and autopsies and whatnot. There's something seriously awesome about being one of the select few who have access to the medical faculty's morgue... and being able to reach into a box that says "BRAINS" and take out a human brain and start messing with it. Seriously the only part of this degree that I enjoy.

The problem is that studying for the exam is not exactly fun. There's a theoretic part (which is supposed to be super hard) and then a "pin test", where they give us some 60 slices of brain with pins in them and for each piece we have to name the brain part that it's pointing at... Oh, and we only get 45 seconds for each pin, so it becomes an exercise in fast thinking and creative imagination- "um, that floppy thingy over there looks like... uh... brown stuff... and... white fibers... and, uh, it's probably some kind of made up word in Latin that ends in "culus"... Let's call it inferior frontal blablaculus..." is pretty much the extent of my knowledge right now.

Maybe because I spend half the time imagining funny creatures in the pictures of the brain---

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Noah - look up!

So it's been a while.

44 weeks, to be exact. Funny how time flies.
As you all probably figured out, I'm not really on LJ much ever anymore, so if any of you guys is still here, feel free to look me up on facebook or messenger or something. I miss my LJ buddies and I want to keep in touch, but for some reason, between uni, work and depression I find myself having really nothing to post about most of the time, and journals are only good if you have something to say, and someone to say it to...
So how 'bout it? Anyone still here? :/
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Seems your mind is wandering between confusion and thoughts of home.

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And that concludes our musical episode for the day.
If you skipped that last part, you should go back and check out at least SOME of the songs. C'mon, support Israel just do it. :P

And now for the updates-on-my-life part.
I don't actually have much to tell. Second semester has begun, I'm still recovering from my month of exams (yes, a whole month. 9 exams in four weeks, not a single day off between semesters. How is that right?!), and I should really be doing chemistry-statistics-physics-biology homework, but unfortunately, my brain is overstudied and I just can't force myself to do anything involving studying. I just... really need a break. I don't know what I'm going to do, it's only the second week and I'm already lightyears behind because I can't force myself to do anything that requires thinking.

On a more positive note, I probably won't be flunking out quite yet, because even with the crazy exam schedule, my marks have been pretty neat. So far I know I got:
Physics 88
Math 80
Chemistry 77
Psychological Physiology (basically brain anatomy) 94
Statistics 77 (*sigh* I HATE STATISTICS!!!)
Developmental Psychology of the child 98
Intro to Psychology 98

The two marks missing are for "Personality Theories" and "Historical and Intellectual Sources of Social Sciences". and I think I got good marks in these two.

So... yeah. That was the easy semester. This one has two more kinds of chemistry (organic and physical. lovely), a lot more biology, and more physics and statistics. I'm going to die.

*points at icon*
Only Noah can wear a shirt that says "I <3 π " and still look cool. I'm discovering a new love for math geeks (don't even get me started on my math professor), so it's oddly appropriate.
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Wow. it's been 5 weeks since I last updated.

And I haven't visited LJ once in those five weeks. so I'm completely and utterly out of the loop. Again, if anyone is still here... I apologize for the neglect. And as usual, LJ pals, let me know how you're doing!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THE SEMESTER IS OVER?! it's over tomorrow, officially, but you know... It seems like I just started a couple of days ago and voila, exams are upon us...

School is CRAZY. I have no time to eat, sleep or do anything resembling having a life.
Right now I should be studying for the physics exam. It's in five days. I actually know just as much as I did at the beginning of the semester. And that's bordering on nothing. Physics is all I've been doing for the last five days. I see "F=ma" in my dreams.
Basically my exam schedule is a mess, I have 10 exams in three weeks. That's two, three exams a week. And in some cases (like math and statistics) I have to study for two really huge exams at the same time because they're only two days apart. I have NO idea how I'm going to survive this. Lots of coffee?

I think... well, the psychology exams are a piece of cake (minus statistics and physiology stuff, which requires studying time. time which I don't really have) but the biology tests are getting in the way and I honestly don't know how I'm supposed to have time to study for everything.

I think I may have taken on more than I can handle.
I mean it's fascinating, and I love biology to death, but two degrees in three years is... well, it's kind of too hard.
I'm not quitting, not yet... just really, really really tired. I see people who study like 20 hours a week and I want to strangle them.

Oh, good news stuff. I got an awesome scholarship program. Basically they cover my entire tuition for three years (!!!), plus I get 600 shekels a month in cash, plus I get a free tutor to help with anything school-related.
The cool part is, I don't need to do ANYTHING in return. No volunteering, nothing.
It's fucking brilliant.
And it's because I'm from Dimona (can you say affirmitive action??).
See, kids? Coming from a messed up town really helps.

So... okay. Back to physics.
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Unrelated to anything:

What is UP, people?
Nothing? Oh well, I knew that.

I made some Office wallpapers (because my desktop was craving the attention...)
Thought I'd share them with you, seeing as they're my first wallpapers ever. ^_^ Though... I think photobucket resized them till they're practically unusable... oh well.
Yes, that's what I do instead of homework.
No wonder I'm failing, like, all math-related subjects.

/ /

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